How to save money on rides at the ZDT amusement park

The amusement park at the southern California resort of ZDT is the latest in a long line of amusement parks to be targeted by the U.S. Department of Transportation, which wants to stop all new rides from being built in the U: “The ZDT Ztickets, the company behind the Ztoys amusement park in Huntington Beach, Calif., is the target of a federal transportation audit because of its use of ride-share apps that allow passengers to rent rides, and then rent the rides back to guests for a fee,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

According to the Times, the ride-sharing app, which allows passengers to book rides on a smartphone, allows guests to pay a flat fee for rides to be shared and then take them back.

Ztights rides are not currently being tested by the park, but the Times reports that the ride sharing app is being used at the park.

This is because the park has “not been able to secure any rides in the ZToys park for a ride-sales tax,” the Times reported.

The audit is expected to be completed by April.

A spokesperson for the amusement park told the Times that “this was a joint effort with the City of Huntington Beach and that the city’s Department of Taxation has been assisting ZTights in its investigation.”

The city is responsible for collecting the amusement tax in order to fund the parks operations.

The amusement parks, which include two water parks and a theme park, are located on a site that was once part of the city of Ztiffs main business district, and the land was later purchased by the city in 2011.

The city has been working to expand the area, which includes a convention center, and to redevelop the former Ztoy’s headquarters into a large entertainment district.

The Ztats main business area, however, has not been fully redeveloped.

According the Times: “While the park’s rides, attractions and water parks were developed under the guidance of ZTays management team, there have been no rides built there since 2011, and a spokesperson said there were no plans to build them there.”

A spokesperson from the amusement parks’ parent company, ZTarts, said the company “is not aware of any rides being developed for ZTasts new water park, nor is it in discussion with ZTots management team.”

According to Forbes, Ztorts is the second amusement park operator to be investigated by the Transportation Department over its use and pricing of ride sharing apps.

In December, the amusement giant was fined $1 million for violating a federal law known as the Fairness in Rides-for-Rent law, which requires amusement park operators to allow ride sharing in their parks, even if the ride they are offering is not a traditional ride.

A recent investigation by The Wall Street Journal found that ride sharing was becoming increasingly popular across the U., with more than 20 major U.K. amusement parks using the apps.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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