Crabs at Disneyland: Disneyland and the History of an Icon

An iconic amusement park at the heart of the Disney theme park chain is being recreated at Disneyland in Florida, with the construction of a new roller coaster and new rides.

The roller coaster, dubbed Crabs, was built by the Disneyland Parks & Resorts Company in 2007 and was unveiled in March.

It was named after the crab which lived in the Florida Keys at the time, and its name has since become synonymous with the attraction.

“It’s a new, exciting ride for us, a fun, family ride,” said Walt Disney Parks & Resort general manager Kevin Pritzker in a statement.

“This new attraction will provide a new dynamic and fun experience for guests, and we are excited to introduce it to the world at Disneyland.”

Pritzker said that this new attraction would be a new addition to the amusement park chain and a first for Disneyland.

“We will continue to provide the best rides in the world for the fans who love to experience the thrill of this roller coaster,” he said. 

The park’s attractions have also been revamped since the original, but not in the same way as the new ride.

The old roller coaster featured a carousel, with a view of the park from a helicopter.

“I think the carousel was the first attraction I ever rode,” said Bob Pritzke, a retired Disneyland employee who has owned and operated the carousels for 25 years.

“But we also had to have some kind of mechanical system to keep the cars going.”

The new ride features a roller coaster ride, but a lot more people.

“We have a lot of fun, and it’s not just the people on the ride,” Pritzk said.

“There are a lot other guests and employees here who really enjoy the experience of the ride.”

Pennywise was created by Jigsaw Productions in 2010, and has been featured in the Disney movies since its creation.

“It’s the first time it’s been filmed,” said David Lacy, director of marketing at Jigsaw.

“He’s kind of the face of Halloween, and that’s the name of the movie.”

It was also the first Halloween ride to feature the famous ghost clown, but that was removed for the upcoming Halloween film. 

Pritzke said that Crabs would not be an attraction that people would go back to visit in the future.

“The people who came to see the original ride, we have a very different idea of what this experience is,” he added.

“So the people who were in the original attraction, we really don’t think they want to see that experience again.”

The attraction opened on November 2, 2020, but will not open until December.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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