A new ‘Dancing With the Stars’ dance routine is a hit!

MTV News celebrates the arrival of season 3 of Dancing With the Star Power with the premiere of our new Dance with the Stars routine.

The new dance routine, which was created by the Academy Award-winning duo of Nick Cannon and Ashley Olsen, was inspired by a fan’s desire to make a change and create a new dance.

We’ve always wanted to bring this to life, and it was fun to get to work with Nick and Ashley as well.

We’re super excited to premiere the new Dance With the stars routine, and can’t wait to see what the audience makes of it!

See the video below to learn more about the new routine, including how the choreography was created.

Nick and Ashley’s new dance is based on a fan who wanted to change the dance routine around.

The fans’ suggestion was to create a different choreography and it turned out to be the best way to do that.

The dance was based on one of the best-loved and iconic songs of all time, ‘The Rolling Stones’ ‘All Along the Watchtower’.

It’s the only song from the entire songbook that has been reinterpreted and reimagined every single time.

We love that song and we know that the fans want to see it again, so we’re very excited to get back to work.

Ashley’s choreography has been the inspiration for the new dance, and she and Nick share the stage with choreographer Scott Riggs, who also choreographed the new ‘The Rock’ video.

‘The Rollers’ has become a huge hit in the United States and worldwide and the fans were so excited to see the new choreography, so they wanted to show their support for this song and the new team that they are.

We can’t thank them enough!

‘The Ring of Fire’ and ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ have both been the most requested songs of this season.

And we can’t imagine how much the fans love those songs as well!

In addition to the new video, the dancers also teamed up with a celebrity from the ‘Dance With the Power’ universe to perform the new Dancing With The Stars theme song, ‘Happy Birthday.’

We couldn’t be more excited to share more of the upcoming season with the fans!

This season is about bringing joy to life and dancing with power!

It’s all about creating a fun, positive, and powerful routine that the audience will love.

Enjoy the new dancing routine and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Check out our newest episodes, exclusive video clips and the latest news on our MTV News YouTube channel, which has a massive community of MTV News subscribers and subscribers who love to discuss, watch and discuss MTV News.

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