Dubai to host the world’s largest live entertainment event with 3D-animated rides and rides to the stars

Dubai: An annual theme park, themed amusement park and theme park ride to the moon are among the attractions set to be announced at Dubai World Expo 2017 on February 28.

The event, which will see more than 100 theme park attractions and attractions that can be viewed on the big screen and 3D, is set to showcase the latest technological advancements and technologies to inspire visitors with immersive entertainment.

The theme park attraction, Dubai World Showcase, is a 3D experience that takes visitors through the most famous and exotic areas of Dubai.

Dubai World Expo, which takes place from February 29 to March 1, will see a host of world-class attractions, including 3D attractions, amusement parks and rides, that will have guests immersed in the world of entertainment.

Dubayal Entertainment Park, the world-famous amusement park at the center of the city, will be the focus of the exposition, which is set for the Dubai International Airport (DIA) on March 1.

It will be located in the city’s international district, which has more than 300,000 inhabitants and is home to the International Space Station (ISS) and the International Trade Centre (ITC).

It will feature more than 150 rides and attractions including a three-dimensional roller coaster, the tallest in the Middle East, a 3-D interactive roller coaster and a multi-dimensional indoor roller coaster.

Dubai World show will also include a roller coaster that can accommodate four people in its first run.

The Dubai World Exhibition will feature a wide range of entertainment, with a variety of events such as a food and beverage festival, the first ever dance show, a children’s event, an art and music festival, a theatre and entertainment festival and a dance competition.

The park is expected to open on March 15 and the ride will open in 2018.

The amusement park will have attractions that are inspired by nature, with the theme of a forest where visitors can visit nature and take part in various activities such as bird watching, rock climbing and water skiing.

It is expected that the park will also offer a series of entertainment attractions, which include a water park, a sand castle and an indoor rollercoaster.

The ride will include an interactive experience where guests can interact with the 3D environments of the park.

The amusement park ride will have 3D interactive attractions such as an interactive waterfall, water slides, water play and a floating house where guests will experience the underwater world.

The park will be set to welcome guests on February 29, which marks the official opening of the theme park and ride, which features 3D animated rides and exhibits.

Dubya World Show, a three dimensional attraction that can seat up to four people, will open on February 27 and will be part of the amusement park’s third edition.

It features rides that are both water-based and land-based, including a water coaster, an underwater rollercoast and a rafting ride.

The attraction is set on the Dubai Marina, a world-renowned water park.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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