How to identify the different types of rides at the Scandia-themed amusement park

The amusement park at Scandias Scandiac and Scandiams amusement parks is now being marketed as an “adult” amusement park.

The new name is part of a larger effort to capitalize on the popularity of its attractions, according to a release from the park.

The park is the latest of a string of theme park projects that have emerged in recent years in Scandica, a city in western Pennsylvania with a population of approximately 4,000 people.

In August, the Scranton-Wilkes-Barre Township Board of Commissioners approved a $1.1 million plan to build a theme park and ride complex on the site of the former Scandiatons Fairgrounds.

In January, the township also approved a plan to construct a theme resort, themed after the fictional town of Scandic, in the vicinity of the old Fairgrounds grounds.

The Scandish area also has a popular amusement park and amusement park complex, the Cedar Fair.

Scandians theme park is not yet complete, and its attraction plan is still under development, but the Scanda-themed park is being marketed by the Scandsias amusement park company as an adult park.

“It’s really fun, and we think it’s a great fit for the area,” said Paul Mascarenhas, a Scandium-area resident who attended a meeting about the development Monday.

“The attractions here are pretty good.

It’s not really a park like the ones you’d see in California, but it’s still good to have.

The food is good, too.”

The amusement park will be located at the intersection of Scandsiac and Main streets.

It will feature three themed rides, one of which will be a themed roller coaster.

A separate ride, called the Adventurers, will also be in the park, according.

The park will also include a cafe, snack bar, video and arcade rooms and a water park, among other amenities, according, to the release.

It will be the first theme park in the region to offer both an adult and a family-oriented amusement park experience.

The existing Cedar Fair, for example, opened in 2013, and it has a theme-park experience, as well.

“We’re very excited about this,” said John Schmitz, director of marketing for Scandibands amusement park to the Scandiadagas, a local nonprofit organization.

“There are lots of things that make this park unique.

We want to make sure it’s an adult-oriented attraction and an adult attraction that’s also family-friendly.”

The Scanda area is also a popular destination for children, as it has its own school, school playground, and playground, among others.

The Cedar Fair is one of several amusement parks in the area.

Scandiads first theme resort opened in 2003.

It has a park and rides experience, according and offers a number of food and beverage options.

The parks attraction plan also includes a new video arcade, which will feature arcade games, video games, a food court and a food stand.

Scanda residents will be able to rent out the attractions for use at their homes.

More Information: Scanda’s amusement park is located at 1201 Main St. in Scandi.

More Scandises news on the ScANDIAS Facebook page

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