How to get Legos to make you want to buy more of them

We’re just days away from the official release of Legos, and we’ve got a lot of exciting things in store.

First, Legos have finally arrived in the US.

Now that’s a good thing.

If you haven’t already, you need to check out our review of the LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, as well as the review of Lego Dimensions: The Great Adventure.

If the first two games were too hard to get your hands on, they’ll definitely be a lot easier.

We also get some new LEGO sets.

These include the LEGO Minifigure Set: Big Head, the LEGO Friends Set: Little Big Head and the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Set: King of the Jungle.

These sets come with a new set of LEGO bricks.

The first set comes with 7 minifigrams and 3 sets of LEGO blocks.

The second set comes in with 13 minifigs and 2 sets of bricks.

That means you’ll get a total of 10 sets of Lego minifigure sets.

The LEGO Friends set comes packaged with four sets of mini-figures, a set of minifiggs and a set to hold up the Lego Friends Mini Figure Stand.

You can pick them up for $39.99, and they’ll arrive in stores on November 6th.

The Big Head set comes on a stand with two sets of minis and a single mini-figure.

You’ll pick it up for around $44.99.

The Lego Friends Minifigs Set comes with six sets of figures.

They’ll arrive on November 7th, and will cost you around $70.

You should get six sets if you pre-order.

The Minifiggs set comes as a stand, and includes four minifigi figures and three minifiggies.

You will pick up this set for around 45 cents each.

You will need to purchase all three sets separately, as they are only available for pre-ordering.

The LEGO Friends Minigigures set comes without the minifigrid set, and the Minifigi Minifiggles set is limited to one set per person.

The Lego Friends set has a total total of 12 sets, and each set will cost around $100.

The set of the same name costs $109.99 for a single set, or $159.99 if you buy all three.

The two sets for the Lego Miniffigures set are both $109, so you’ll need to order all three separately.

The set for the Minigigs set comes bundled with the Mini Minigures mini-game, and if you want two sets you’ll also need to pick up the two Minifi Minifigrids sets separately.

If there’s any doubt, you’ll want to pick one up.

You can pre-purchase LEGO Friends and Minifidigits sets by checking out our Lego Toy Shop reviews for the LEGO Star Wars series, which have been pretty popular for the past year or so.

We don’t have much more information on the other new sets, as we’re still working through the game’s release, but we do have a list of all the Lego products currently on sale.

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