Why Disney is adding a clipart show to its park in California

JOPPA, Calif.

— Disney is bringing back its amusement park cliparts, which it did last year, as part of an effort to draw in tourists and build a deeper relationship with visitors.

The amusement park in the northern California city of Joliet was set up in 2011 as a short-term entertainment event with the goal of drawing in a bigger audience than its predecessor, Disneyland, said Jennifer Juhl, a spokeswoman for the park.

The new cliparts will run from July 6 to Sept. 12.

“They’re going to be the same as Disneyland,” she said.

“They’re just going to have more colorful characters and less of the repetitive things that you’ve seen at Disneyland.”

The park is the first of several in California that will showcase clips from Disney’s theme parks and theme parks-within-parks.

The cliparts are meant to entertain visitors and draw in new visitors, said Juhling, who also serves as a special assistant to the park’s general manager.

The clips will include a new character named “the Buzzy,” who will appear as a tourist attraction on the park in 2018, Juhlen said.

He will be joined by a new animatronic character called “the Bunny.”

Disney is not using clips from the other Disney theme parks to promote its theme park-within in California, but it does plan to use them in other ways, including with special promotions and promotional events, Jussel said.

It will also partner with Disney World in 2019 to show clips from its theme parks, he said.

Disney already has several clipart shows at its parks in Orlando, Fla., and Tokyo.

Johl said Disney hopes to see the clips on television in 2019 and beyond, with clips from parks in other countries.

The park, in Joplin, is in a region where tourism is booming.

There are plans to open new theme parks in 2021, Jusslin said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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