How to avoid a bad day at the theme park

It’s not every day you wake up to find that your day has been ruined by a nightmare scenario.

Or even worse, you’re the one who is in the middle of it.

This happens when the theme parks theme park gets overwhelmed by visitors.

As such, the park’s staff can’t make it to their destination due to poor attendance.

That’s when a group of people can come in and have their fun.

The worst thing you can do is let the nightmare happen.

This is what happened to one man, and the rest is history.

In the picture below, you can see the scene in front of the Adventureland amusement parks.

This particular park, which is called La Scala, has just opened its gates and is expected to be open in early August.

However, because of a problem with the theme and due to a large number of visitors, the theme has been forced to suspend the park and turn off the lights for an extended period.

It’s the worst thing that could happen to the theme in a world where a lot of people are enjoying themselves.

The trouble started when La Scala closed its doors in early May, when the temperature dropped to -30 degrees Celsius (-38 Fahrenheit).

That’s why the park decided to close and bring the lights back on.

However this resulted in a nightmare situation, with people trying to get into the park.

It turned into an incident of people getting stuck in the ride, and eventually, they became trapped.

The problem with La ScalaThe first problem with this is that the ride is located at the very top of the tower, so it is not a place where people can stand up straight and walk straight.

This means that there are no stairs to reach the bottom of the ride.

This makes it impossible for people to reach out and get help, or even to get to the bottom safely.

It also means that people have to climb up the ride and walk down, without the help of other people, to get back to the top.

It has been confirmed that the problem is caused by the lack of security, so no one knows where the problem might be coming from.

It’s also important to note that La Scala is the only theme park in Italy that has to close for maintenance.

Therefore, the rest of the theme is shut down.

But what happened next is a total nightmare.

As the photo below shows, La Scala opened its doors for the first time in just over a month.

Unfortunately, the guests were not happy.

The ride was supposed to open for the entire week, but the theme did not show up, which caused the park to close early.

The problem is so bad that it caused the closure of all attractions in the park, as well as the cancellation of all other events.

The people who were stuck in La Scala have been referred to as “the guests” and “the unlucky ones”.

They say they don’t understand why the theme didn’t show up at all, and they feel betrayed by the park staff.

This caused the group to call the police, who have been called in to try to help.

They have been forced into the middle to solve the problem, but unfortunately they were unable to solve it.

As the pictures below show, it is unknown how many people are stuck in this situation, but at least one of them is in critical condition.

It is not yet known if the person who died is a guest, or whether it is someone who was trying to make it on their own.

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