Which amusement parks are in danger?

The amusement park accident at a Chinese amusement park in Hubei province has caused the cancellation of more than 500 events, including the annual Chinese New Year fireworks display, and is raising concerns over safety at Chinese theme parks, sources in China have told The Hindu.

The accident at Shanghai’s Jiaozhou amusement park is the latest in a series of mishaps that have occurred at Chinese parks.

Last year, a worker at the Jiaotong amusement park fell from a 30-meter high platform and landed on his head.

An employee at the Shanghai Jiaobao amusement park was also crushed by a crane.

In January, an employee at Tianjin’s Shanghai World amusement park died after being crushed by an inflatable water slide.

In May, a 30 centimetre high metal plate on the Jialong amusement parks platform fell on a passenger.

In July, a crane operator fell from the tower of the Jianbiao amusement park.

In September, a 15-year-old girl died after falling from the Jixiang amusement park after being struck by a falling metal plate.

In June, a 22-year old woman died after she was struck by the edge of a falling scaffold on the Shanghai Zhongshan amusement park’s Tower of Terror attraction.

In November, two children were crushed to death in an accident on the amusement park at Wuxi, in the north of China’s Hebei province.

On July 15, a 20-year man died in an inflight accident at the Wuxia-Zhongshao amusement parks amusement park when he fell from an inflatable roller coaster platform.

On July 21, an inflate coaster at the Zhongguang amusement park collapsed.

In December, the Jilin amusement park suspended its fireworks display for two days following an accident at its Tianmenjiao park, which was due to start on July 27.

On August 1, a 23-year woman died in a fire at the Shenzhen Jialao park, after being hit by a slide.

The accident happened after a woman fell off a train at the same park and the slide broke off.

The amusement park incident at Jiaochao amusement resort in Shandong province, on July 15 last year, led to a stampede of people, with some being trapped inside the amusement parks elevator.

The stampede also resulted in two deaths and nine injured, sources said.

In February, a 26-yearold man died from a fall from a scaffold after he was hit by an air balloon on the Shenyang amusement park platform.

In April, a 32-year male worker at Jialingjiao amusement parks accident was crushed by another crane when a metal plate fell from underneath.

On April 5, a 24-year person died after he fell down a crane at a Jiaolu amusement park elevator.

In June, three people were crushed by inflatable rides at the Shijiazhuang amusement parks tower.

In August, the amusement industry in China has been hit by several incidents.

In August, a 47-year of age woman was crushed to Death by a metal slide at the Xianjia amusement park of Shenyang.

In October, a 40-year senior official at the Zhejiang amusement park and a 50-year employee of a private company were killed in a falling inflatable ride at the Shaanxi Jiaodong amusement resort.

In October, the Shanghai amusement park suffered a similar accident after a worker fell from it during a fireworks display.

In May, another worker was killed in an air-traffic accident at Tianjianjiao.

In September, the China Railway News reported a stampedes of at least 100 people, some of them with serious injuries, at the Sichuan Hubeijiang amusement parks Jialuang amusement complex.

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