How to laugh at an amusement park background

You know that theme park background image with the red and green stripes?

Well, if you have an iPhone, you can use that to make your own amusement park backdrop.

Just open the app and choose an image, or select from an array of images and choose “Add Theme”.

This will add a background image to your iPhone’s home screen.

It’ll take a few seconds to load.

This background image is only used for the main image of the app, and it won’t change the app background.

The background image will disappear once the app is closed, and then it’ll reappear again when the app comes back up.

So if you don’t like the theme park image, there’s nothing you can do about it.

This is a great way to make fun of the theme parks background image and add your own.

You can also use the app’s filters to add more colourful backgrounds.

You don’t have to be a genius to use these filters, as you can choose any image or a collection of images.

There’s also a theme park theme park backdrop image editor, which allows you to create a theme or theme park themed wallpaper and background images.

Here’s how to use it: Open the app Open the theme Park background image editor Open the Theme Park backdrop image In the Theme park background editor, choose the background image you want to add to your wallpaper or background image.

In the theme app, select the image you just added, and you’ll see the background is available.

Drag it into the theme’s wallpaper area.

When the theme is open, press the + icon on the top right of the screen to add it to your home screen, or press and hold the + button to remove it.

The theme will now appear in the home screen as a background.

Select the theme image to add It’s now time to add your theme to the wallpaper area in the theme editor.

In Theme Park background editor you can create a background using any image you’ve downloaded.

Here are some examples: If you have a photo you’ve uploaded to Imgur, just choose an Image or an image collection.

You’ll then see an image that you can import into your theme.

You could also use an image of a certain size.

In this example, the background looks like this: If the image is too big, you could choose to add an extra image.

For example, here’s how you’d add a theme image: Select the image Choose the background Image you want Add a new background image You can change the size of the image by dragging the image onto the border of the wallpaper.

The wallpaper’s background will be resized to fit the size.

This works on iPhone 8 Plus and later, as well as iPod Touch 6th generation.

You might also want to choose a larger image to show the theme in a larger size.

Press the + and – buttons to add and remove images The theme’s background image now has a new Background option, which will let you change the image’s colour, brightness and background image from black to red.

This will change the background from the theme to a background in the wallpaper or the theme will disappear.

Press and hold to change the theme The theme now has its own background image, and the wallpaper background is gone.

The app will come back up, so you can add a new wallpaper background image using this image.

If you want, you don and can delete the image and use it in another wallpaper or theme image.

But the image will stay in the background until you delete the app.

You should also remember to disable the theme before you delete it.

If your app or wallpaper is in the app drawer or the lock screen, you’ll need to clear the wallpaper first.

This can be done by swiping from the bottom of the home page.

If the wallpaper is greyed out, the theme won’t be able to be displayed.

To clear the theme, tap and hold on the theme.

The home screen will now show a theme.

Select it from the Home screen Choose “Remove Theme” If you don.t see the theme you want in the Theme app, you should delete the theme by pressing the back button on the home button.

If this happens, you might have accidentally deleted a theme you didn’t want.

You’re not done yet, though.

Open the App Swipe to the right Tap the app icon Tap Settings Tap Theme Pick the theme that you want Remove The app icon will disappear and you will see the new theme.

If everything works, the wallpaper will now be gone.

You need to re-create the theme again if you want it to work again.

You are free to add new backgrounds or themes in the future.

If anything doesn’t work, let us know in the comments section.

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