How to build an amusement park swing in one day

A year ago, when I wrote about how to build a swing at my father’s amusement park, I wrote that he could have easily built one of these things for himself.

Now, I’ve discovered that he did it for the amusement park. 

What I learned is that you can build a large amusement park for yourself in under an hour. 

The first step in building a swing is to buy the correct parts. 

You need to buy a few parts.

You can buy them online or in a hardware store, but you should always buy parts you can use. 

I recommend buying the swing from a local hardware store.

The ones I bought used a wooden box, which is much more durable than the plywood they were made out of. 

When I bought the swing, I also purchased a box with a few different types of parts inside. 

For the box, I chose a large wooden box made of plywood, but other woods can be used. 

Next, the box is filled with sand.

This sand is a great insulator and will hold up for years.

It also has a low friction surface that can hold sand in place. 

A good quality sandpaper can be purchased at most hardware stores, and it will not cost you more than $10. 

If you’re making a wooden swing for yourself, you’ll also want to buy some wood screws.

These are the same type of screws that you’ll find in hardware stores. 

After sanding and sanding again, you can sand the base to smooth out any rough spots that may have formed. 

Once that’s done, you need to purchase the parts.

I chose to buy 2x4s from Home Depot, which are about $3. 

Each of the 2x8s will make two swings. 

Before you buy the parts, make sure that the size of the swings you’re buying matches the size you need for your home. 

It’s not uncommon for a home to have a lot of different size swings.

For example, a home with a 4-foot tall box could have two 3-foot swings.

A home with two 2-foot sliders could have a 2-to-2-foot slider. 

To make sure your swings fit together perfectly, you will need to drill a hole in the box. 

This will be a simple job, but it’s a great way to learn the proper way to do this. 

Use the 3-inch drill bit to cut out a hole that will be 1-inch deep and 1-foot wide. 

Place the 2-inch piece of wood that you cut out in the hole you drilled. 

With the hole drilled in the top of the box to create a tight fit, you are now ready to attach the 2 pieces of wood together. 

Make sure that you’re drilling the hole correctly and that the 2 piece of wooden pieces are properly aligned. 

Insert the 2 3-piece wooden pieces into the holes that you drilled in your box.

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