How to crossword a clue: 7 tips for an entertaining time of the week

A word puzzle that starts with a question has never been so much fun. 

Here’s what you need to know about how to get a word puzzle started.


Find a word Puzzle: This is tricky, but you can’t get a crossword puzzle without finding a word.

You might think that if you search the internet for a word that sounds familiar, you’ll be able to guess it.

But if you start a word, and don’t find anything, it’s probably not a good clue.

There are a few clues that you can use, but in most cases you won’t be able make any headway.


Go with the flow of the word Puzzle questions tend to flow together.

So you might be thinking: ‘Ok, so what would I be looking for in a word question?’, but the flow is often the same.

You may want to try some words that are similar to the word you’re trying to solve, and then a word with an interesting pronunciation.

This will help you get the flow going.


Try the words together Puzzle words tend to be very different from one another, so try some different words together.

For example, you might want to look for words that sound like they’re related to each other, and also words that have similar sounds.

The word ‘dancing’ is a good example.

If you look at the words you can find in a puzzle, you can usually tell which one you are looking for.


Find words that match the puzzle The word you are working on is usually in the middle of the puzzle.

If it’s a word like ‘sport’ or ‘sneak’ or a word you know very well like ‘waffle’, you might find it easy to figure out what the answer is.

But it’s also a good idea to find words that make a sound like ‘eat’.

If you can only find words with a few sounds in common, it might not be a good hint.


Find the right words to start with This isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Just follow the word flow, and you should be able see the words that you are trying to answer and start working on them.

You could also start from the word that you’ve been trying to think of, and try some other words you might have missed.

There’s a great website called WordFun to help you find words you haven’t yet started with.

There may also be a number of other resources that you might need, so check out the dictionary if you need help.

If all else fails, just try to start your word puzzle off with a phrase.

This is usually a word in the same language as the word to be solved.

You don’t have to start from a word from the same category.

It could be ‘coconut’, or ‘pizza’.


Use your brain If you don’t want to start off with words that can sound very similar to each others, try to think about the words in your head.

For instance, ‘nose’ sounds like ‘pig’, and ‘lung’ sounds similar to ‘laugh’.

You might want a word to sound like you’ve heard it before.


Find an image that’s easy to solve If you have an image in mind, but the image isn’t the most logical, you may need to look at images of other words that use the same word.

The first thing you might look for is an image of a word similar to that you’re working on.

So a word for ‘waffles’ might be ‘waltz’, or a similar word might be something like ‘chicken’.

These images might be easy to work with, and might be good clues to look further.


Practice for a while Before you start working, you should practice a little bit.

Try to write a few words down and play around with them.

For some words, you probably don’t even have to think, but if you do, you could start to find clues in the process.

For other words, it can take some time, but once you start thinking about the word, you won.

There is a lot you can learn from these word puzzles, and there’s a whole range of other activities you can do to help with the word puzzle, like reading a dictionary, or learning how to play a musical instrument. 


Try solving the word with the words around it You don.t need to be a genius to get your word right.

The clues that we are looking at in this video are words that look similar to one another.

You can also try to use words from other genres, like jazz, jazz music, pop, and so on.

If that’s the case, then you should probably try different words from each genre that look like the words.

But don’t worry, you going to have fun with these word problems!

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