Mysterious lake amusement park near Fresno may reopen after 10 days

A new amusement park that sits along Interstate 5 near Fresno was closed after a 10-day outage due to an outbreak of the coronavirus, the California Department of Public Health said Thursday.

The park, called Lake Lava, is in the middle of a new construction project that opened in January and is expected to open in 2018.

It has been closed since May 23.

The outbreak is similar to what’s happening in Los Angeles and New York City, which have seen an uptick in coronaviruses, which are transmitted through the air.

The California Department for Public Health has been working with California Department to control the coronajes in the Golden State.

“The state has the most severe coronaviral pandemic in the nation and this new outbreak is the first of its kind in the state,” said Dr. Stephen Kopp, the department’s assistant director of coronaviroaics.

“The public is strongly encouraged to stay home and avoid contact with the outdoors and other people.”

Dr. Robert Bresnahan, a California State University professor and a member of the advisory panel that was formed by Gov.

Jerry Brown to coordinate public health and health-related information, said the park was closed because it was close to a high-risk area, like a residential area.

The park has a closed-circuit television system, which is designed to prevent people from seeing infected patients, and closed all but two gates for about 10 days.

He said there was no direct contact with patients at the time of the outbreak.

Bresnahans panel recommended that the state reopen the park after testing results showed no infection and no increase in people who showed symptoms.

The state had also tested the park, and found no significant difference between those who had and had not been tested.

The public can get vaccinated at the public health department’s website.

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