Why is the Middle East a wasteland?

The Middle East has been in the news a lot lately, with various crises happening at the same time.

The United Nations Security Council has been pushing the Palestinians to agree to a ceasefire, but this has been met with resistance from Israel, the United States, and a few other powers.

And now there is a war between Iran and the United Arab Emirates, which is threatening to launch an all-out war with Israel.

In other words, it’s been a tough few days in the Middle Eastern scene.

But there’s another reason why the Middle West has been a wasteland lately: There are just too many players in the game.

The West has always been a powerful player in the region, but it’s only in the past few years that the Middle has started to feel like a bigger part of the world.

A look at some of the players involved: 1.

Israel and the US Israel and its allies are the main drivers of the Middle-East, especially in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Israel has played a key role in keeping the region safe from the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as in creating the conditions for the eventual creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank.

The US has also been very active in the area, helping to bring stability to the region.

While it is true that the US has a lot of influence over the region in terms of security issues, there is little to no influence over how the region looks from Washington’s perspective.


The Islamic Republic of Iran Iran is a massive power, and its presence in the regional landscape has increased dramatically in the last few years.

As a result, the region has seen an explosion of oil, natural gas, and other industries.

This has led to a lot more people coming to the Middle to buy products and services from Iran.

Iran has also become a significant player in military operations and other military projects, especially when it comes to weapons.

It is this kind of military presence that has led the region to become increasingly unstable and chaotic.

It also has helped Iran become a player in international affairs.

This, in turn, has led many regional players to look at the Middle and see it as a more dangerous place to live than the US, Israel, and the GCC countries.


Russia Russia has been playing a big role in the Arab world for a long time.

It has a long history in the Muslim world and has played an important role in building the country.

The country has also had a large influence on the region’s geopolitics, as it has a major presence in Syria and Iraq.

But as a regional power, Russia has never been a player with the same kind of influence as the US and Israel.

Its influence has grown more and more over the past two decades.


China The People’s Republic of China has played both a key and an indirect role in shaping the Middle region, especially after its massive economic growth during the 20th century.

China has also expanded its influence in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in East Asia.

However, its influence has been declining since the Arab spring and the fall of the Soviet Union.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact China will have in the future.


Turkey Turkey has long been the dominant power in the world’s largest Muslim state, and it has become the most prominent power in Europe over the last couple of decades.

But the Middle is now changing as a result of the Syrian war and the collapse of the global economy.

Turkey has also taken a more assertive role in regional affairs, with its military operations, including its bombing campaigns in Syria.


Russia The Russian Federation has always played an active role in Middle-Eastern affairs, but the recent events in Syria have led to the Kremlin becoming more and, in some ways, more assertively involved in the situation.

Russia’s role in Syria has changed as a consequence of the war in the country, as the Russian air force has been bombing the Syrian government targets, while also carrying out airstrikes against terrorist groups, like the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).


Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has been the most active country in the current Middle-Empire, with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries playing a major role in all the major conflicts in the Persian Gulf.

The Kingdom has also tried to use the situation in Syria to further its geopolitical ambitions.

However as a power, it has always maintained a neutral stance on the Syrian conflict.


India India is an emerging power in a region that is often compared to the United Kingdom.

It enjoys a good relationship with the United State and has also played a major part in regional peacekeeping operations.

However India’s role as a regionally powerful power has decreased since the beginning of the current crisis.

It may have tried to diversify its interests and pursue more aggressive policies towards the region over the course of the last two years.


Indonesia Indonesia has a strong economic base in Southeast Asia, but its influence is declining as a major

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