Butler, Butlers, and other restaurants offer free appetizers for kids

It’s one of the most popular activities in Butler County, Kentucky, and this week, Butler County Public Schools launched a new program for the kids, “butler’s Day.”

Butler is home to Butler Elementary, which is home for the Butler County Children’s Learning Center.

The program includes a special appetizer and dessert for children and adults, and the school district is offering a discount on the appetizer as well.

“It’s just a great idea,” said Patty, a Butler resident who asked to be identified by her middle name, Patty.

“There are a lot of kids who come to Butler every day, and I think they should be able to get a little treat at lunchtime.”

Patty and her husband, Joe, started a program a couple of years ago that allows students to pick up a treat and have it delivered to their home.

This year, the couple has also partnered with the Butler Community Foundation, which helps students in the area with their school supplies and equipment.

Patty said that with Butler’s economic and population growth, the kids are always looking for ways to do something to help.

The kids in the program can pick up their food and take it to a Butler County Community Center, or they can drop off the food and go to a local food bank.

The Butler Public Schools also has a food bank, but it’s not open to the public.

“We just opened up a food pantry for the children last week,” said Tammy, a spokesperson for the school.

“We have food that is donated by local businesses and businesses who donate food.

We are trying to make the kids’ day more fun by offering treats and free appetizer for kids.”

There are no plans for a free lunch this year, but the program is not limited to Butler.

It is also available to other counties in Kentucky, including Warren, Allen, Boone, and Pike Counties.

The school district says that students in Butler can get a free appetiser and dessert as well as free food and water.

The food pantries are also accepting food donations from local businesses, and many families have also signed up to help out by providing supplies for the food bank and other food distribution programs.

The food bank is working with local businesses to find new ways to help the needy, including by donating groceries to Butler County businesses.

In an email to The Associated Press, Patty said Butler Public School is taking the opportunity to highlight the opportunity the kids can get at Butler by offering a free food item for every kid in the school to choose from.

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