Japan amusement parks lose their ‘Crazy Clown’ costume

JAPAN (Reuters) – Japan’s amusement parks have lost their “crazy clown” costume after it was spotted by a fan at a movie theater in central Tokyo.

The park, located in the southern part of the country, had been holding a special costume festival for its own amusement park in Tokyo on Saturday, but it quickly sold out, and it is unlikely to resume on Sunday, said the park’s chief executive.

The event was held at a small Tokyo theater called Naoji-jii, which has only one theater, and the fan spotted the costume and tried to bring it to the theater, according to a park official.

The costume was taken to the park and will be sold at an auction, said a park spokesman.

It is not clear how the costume got into the theater.

The dress, which had an attached red bow, was made of rubber and was made in Japan, said Masashi Takahashi, chief executive of the Tokyo-based amusement park operator, Japan Toy Co. The park has three theme parks in Tokyo.

Japan Toy Co, which owns Tokyo Toy, has about 500,000 rides, mostly in Japanese theme parks, which make up about 25 percent of Japan’s overall tourism market.

Japan Toy operates in the United States and has been growing at about 30 percent a year.

“The dress was purchased by a person who came to the cinema with a small souvenir and asked if he could wear it,” Takahash said in an interview with the Kyodo news agency.

“After a little while, he got tired of wearing the dress, and he asked for a change.

But he was told it was not suitable.”

He said it is likely the costume will be auctioned off and that the proceeds will go to a children’s charity.(Reporting by Yuki Kurata; Editing by Richard Chang)

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