Why the Gatlinburg Theme Park is so bad at building its own rides

Gatlinburys ride is actually a combination of two different rides, but it’s the theme park’s newest and strangest attraction.

The park has created a “spherical” ride, a rotating platform that’s about the size of a person’s head, to serve as a platform for two people to ride, at which point they can both fall off.

A video posted to YouTube last month shows the ride at its most bizarre.

One person rides on the top of the ride, while the other rides on its sides, which form the bottom of the platform.

This is a design choice that seems designed to help the park stand out from its competition, which has been trying to build its own ride designs.

That’s not the only bizarre element of the attraction.

A third of the park’s rides are made up of rotating platforms, which you can’t see on the YouTube video.

The company that owns the park has posted videos online showing off its latest ride, called the Giant Shark.

The ride has a giant, floating shark that can float in the water and attack guests who fall off the platform into the water.

Guests on the other side can try to stay on the platform, but will need to stay very close to the water for safety reasons.

The video below shows the shark in action.

The theme park also has a coaster that has a “motor shark” that can be used to spin up to 30 mph at a time.

It’s not clear if this will be the same coaster that was used in its current coaster, the Shark King.

Guests will also have to navigate through a maze to get to the second ride, the Monster.

Guests can climb up the stairs and ride the monster while trying to avoid getting hit by it.

Guests also can get a little bit of exercise by standing on the track while the monster is spinning.

This coaster is not designed to take guests on a fun ride.

If guests are looking for a ride that’s a little more serious, the park will also be offering a ride with a twist.

Guests who purchase a ticket for the Monster can ride on the Shark Shark instead of the Monster, which is supposed to be a more intense ride.

The attraction is slated to open in 2017.

The design is pretty impressive, but what’s really interesting about this attraction is that the company behind it is going to have to pay for the ride in order to build it.

The rides are built to be built for a certain size, but the park doesn’t really know how to figure out how much money the rides will cost before they’re actually built.

The coaster was actually designed to cost $10 million.

That sounds like a lot of money for a roller coaster, but for a park that’s only built with about $40 million in its budget, the coaster is a little pricey.

The other thing that makes the coaster so expensive is that it is designed for people to be injured while riding.

A popular ride in the park is the Giant Turtle, which rides around at nearly 40 mph, so guests can easily be injured.

The owner of the amusement park is also paying for this coaster, and the rides cost a whopping $100 million.

The owners have a lot to work with here, as the park hasn’t yet had a ride to go viral.

This isn’t the first time that a park has gone viral on social media.

Earlier this year, a ride at the Disney theme park was linked to the viral video that led to the park shutting down and eventually being sold for $1.3 million.

Disney recently put up a warning to guests that rides will be cancelled until further notice after they get into an accident.

It seems that a lot more rides are going to be canceled at the park than the park knows how to handle.

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