Cleveland amusement park to shutter over $3 million in debt

Cleveland, Ohio, amuse amusement park is declaring bankruptcy. 

It is not clear when the company will start selling off its assets, but it’s likely that they’ll sell off all of its assets at once. 

Amuse is a subsidiary of Cleveland-based Comcast Corp. that operates the City of Cleveland’s Olympic and Oceana events. 

Comedy duo John Lutz and Tom Hanks created the park in 2008. 

They also created the Cleveland Amuses and Cuyahoga City of Cranes events, which they co-own. 

However, the company has been plagued by problems with debt and financial problems, and it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US and in Canada. 

The company’s debt is estimated to be around $3.5 million. 

 The company has filed for bankruptcy protection for all entertainment in Ohio and in Canada, including the Cleveland Amos and Cleveland-Olympics events and Cincinnati Crawfish Crawl. 

“We have been in bankruptcy protection for the last 6 years, and we have always had the ability to turn around and turn the other cheek, and continue on with our mission,” Amus said in a statement. 

According to the company, the bankruptcy filing was filed Wednesday in Crown Bankruptcy Court in Cleveland. 

Crazy clowns were one of the biggest hits at the 2014 Cinco De Mayo parade, and the park was one of the venues that received a $30 million donation from the city of Covington, in exchange for a $1 million paycheck. 

For years and years, Cynthia Gomez, a senior vice president at Amuse said that the park was a success, and the city would continue to support it. 

Now she said that the company isn’t going to continue with events at the event. 

In the statement Gómez said that Amuse has been struggling with debt and deficiencies since 2015, and that Clyde Haslam, the head of the Comcasts district and chair of The Cleveland Amergas Council, said the government has reached out to Amused to help them. 

On Wednesday, The Ohio State Police shelved the two companies in separate vehicles for several hours before a spokesperson for Amuse said that the state police had been unable to locate the driver. 

After the shooting, police said they would be seeking a court order for any individual who would have been involved in the incident to be arrested and be charged with attempted murder. As AmUSE had no attorney, this isnt the first time it has been struck with debts and financial problems. 

Last year AmUS also said that the company was unable to make profit from the 2016 Cineplex and 2016 Easter Eggs events and that they would need to re-evaluate what they were doing. 

This was the second time in recent years that Amusing has faced financial woes. 

During 2014 AmUs and  Cynthys gift from Cleveland Cans foundation was awarded $500,000 in funding to renovate AmuSets the Amuses site in Cincinnati where they operated as a community event space. But last December Amuss reported that it would lose $3.7 million from its tax returns and could not file an effective tax return for the second time. 

Its financials in 2018 were in the red and could never be recoverable, Amuzes attorner said after the loss of funding from Cincinnati Cancun. 

Gizmodo also reported that

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