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How to make a dogpatch with dogpatch-inspired food

With the holiday season drawing to a close, dogpatchers are once again finding themselves in a dog park and having their treats prepared.This time, though, they’ve gone for the dogpatch theme and are using ingredients from local dog shops and farmers.A post shared by dogpatch (@dogpatch) on Mar 17, 2019

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How to create a sex-positive amusement park

Fun with the kids: This is the fun part!This is where you put your kids in charge and show them how to make their own fun.You can create a place where they can interact with their own toys, explore, and make their favorite faces.It’s fun, it’s fun.This is how to

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Mysterious lake amusement park near Fresno may reopen after 10 days

A new amusement park that sits along Interstate 5 near Fresno was closed after a 10-day outage due to an outbreak of the coronavirus, the California Department of Public Health said Thursday.The park, called Lake Lava, is in the middle of a new construction project that opened in January and

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When you see a jellycat, there’s a chance it might be a fake

It’s not often that you get a jellyfish-shaped toy that you actually buy, but when it does happen, you want to be the first to get your hands on one. A group of friends in New Zealand were able to get a hold of a giant jellyfish toy that was apparently

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How to watch Tokyo Disneyland this weekend

The amusement park is being reopened this weekend following an outbreak that has killed two people and left more than 100 hospitalized.The Disneyland Resort is scheduled to reopen for the weekend.

How Disney World is celebrating its 50th anniversary

The Disney theme park resort, which opened in 1972 and has operated in Walt Disney World since then, is celebrating the 50th birthday of the original park this weekend.The park’s original theme park concept, called The Haunted Mansion, is now part of the Disney theme parks in Anaheim and Florida.In

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Butler, Butlers, and other restaurants offer free appetizers for kids

It’s one of the most popular activities in Butler County, Kentucky, and this week, Butler County Public Schools launched a new program for the kids, “butler’s Day.”Butler is home to Butler Elementary, which is home for the Butler County Children’s Learning Center.The program includes a special appetizer and dessert for

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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