How to Get Rid of Your Brain’s Fear of Being Hit by a Train

In a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, scientists found that when a train is approaching, our brains can generate a physiological response called fear, which prevents us from running away from danger.The researchers used EEG recordings of brain activity during a “fight or flight” response to measure how

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The best-kept secrets of the internet’s most annoying meme creators

I’ll admit I’m a bit biased here.My love affair with the phrase “What is amusing” has been growing steadily, thanks to the popularity of the viral YouTube video from the folks at Bored Panda.But the term has also grown into a whole new genre of “amuse-bouche,” a collection of videos

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What’s in Yellowstone National Park? We’ve got your answer, with the best information you need to find out

Yellowstone, the westernmost park in the United States, is one of the most important destinations in the world, and visitors can see some of the best sights and animals in the park, including Yellowstone National Recreation Area.Here’s what you need know to find Yellowstone.1.What is the Yellowstone Park?Yellowstone National Parks

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A ‘supernatural’ New Zealand amusement park opens to guests

A “supernatural” New Zealand “entertainment park” has opened to guests for the first time.The park, called “A-Train”, will open in October and will offer live entertainment, interactive games, a “golf course” and a food court.The name “A Train” was inspired by the railway station on the city’s New York City

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How to spot the best amuse bouches for you

As we get closer to the holidays, we are getting more excited about the bouches we can buy at the market.They’re more varied, more expensive and they can make us look pretty in all kinds of ways.Here’s what we know about some of the most popular bouches, which are most

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What’s the deal with the bell tower at Bells?

bell’s is a fun-filled place to hang out in Sydney’s CBD.Located in the heart of the city, you’ll find everything from restaurants to theatres to bars, and you’ll even find a bar with a Bells-themed bar, a free Wi-Fi hotspot, and a range of food and drinks.However, the bells of

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How to create your own “Not All That Cool” meme

Posted November 15, 2018 08:16:12The term “not amused” is used to describe something that has a negative effect on a person’s enjoyment.It can be applied to things such as people taking a break from playing, or being upset about a perceived injustice, or having a bad time in the company

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Minecraft amusement park ‘takes the place of the real world in the real-life game’

The Mojave is a fictional amusement park built in Mojave Desert, California.It was designed to be a place where people could take part in interactive Minecraft-like games.But the Mojave was a real-world amusement park, and people did come.It’s a popular theme park, with many children enjoying the thrill of a

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How to tell if a video game is an amuse music collection

A lot of video games aren’t just games.They’re amuse music collections.Here are some ways to tell.1.Amuse music can be a collection of tunes from around the world.This is the most common answer.Amuses are typically made by recording songs, and the video games themselves are typically composed by composers.But there are

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